Sunday, February 22, 2009

for all of u who love upin and ipin a lot..there are new version (episode) for this anime..
this are the latest version of upin and ipin and link to download...

episode 19 : air kolah, air laut (part1)

episode 20 : air kolah, air laut (part2)

Episod 21 : Basikal Baru - (part 1)

Episod 22 : Basikal Baru - (part 2)

Episod 23 : Berkebun - (part 1)

Episod 24 : Berkebun - (part 2)

those link above i got from a visitor who leave a comment @ my blog...
and i think it would be more usefull if i share it to all u..

thanks for the information u gave to me..and now i'd like to share to others..

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